Calorie Calculators

Have you ever wondered how many calories you burn when you ride? Use my calculator to find out. Simply select your average speed and then enter your body weight. This will give you the number of calories you burn per minute at the given speed. Remember though, riding up hill will increase the amount of calories burned, and coasting down hill will decrease the amount burned. If you want to calculate the calories lost for a ride enter the time in minutes that you rode along with the other values.


Select your speed

Your Weight

Time you rode

Calories burned per minute:
Total calories burned:


How many calories can I eat a day and maintain my weight? The calculator below will give you a guideline to maintain your weight, or, lose a pound a week. *


Select your exercise level

Your Weight in pounds

Daily Caloric Intake Required to Maintain Your Weight:
Caloric Intake Required to Lose A Pound Per Week:

* This is a guideline only. Your mileage may vary based on your metabolisum, activity level ect...


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